RIDE - Accurate Scooter and Bike Tracking

Organized parking of bikes and scooters.

When using GNSS alone, scooters or bikes can be left carelessly on sidewalks blocking pedestrian paths and causing unsafe conditions. GNSS outages or signal errors can cause drop-off or pick-up locations to be inaccurate, which results in user frustration and poor service reviews.
RIDE integrates multiple sensor inputs to provide continuous & accurate positioning to reduce these problems.

RIDE technology improves GNSS accuracy and extends service coverage.

RIDE improves drop-off location accuracy by >35% and provides a continuous solution even when GNSS signals are unavailable (e.g. indoor parking garage or building).

What is the technology? Here's how it works.

Crash detection, swerve detection, and more.

Protect your equipment with detailed information about each ride. Be notified of crashes, erratic riding, or improper docking. Know the status of your equipment including heading information and whether the scooter or bike is upright or horizontal when parked.

A low-power solution that is always on.

RIDE improves performance and saves power by keeping GNSS turned off when not needed. When GNSS has acquisition problems, such as at the beginning of a rental session, RIDE can provide accurate position and orientation information until GNSS re-acquires.


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