Premium software for vehicle tracking & navigation. Everywhere.

If you’re not using TRACK, you’re not using the best. Our sensor fusion software tracks vehicles in the most difficult environments including tunnels and parking garages where GNSS is unreliable or unavailable. Without GNSS and using only a consumer grade MEMS IMU, our solution boasts a drift error <1% of distance travelled, approaching performance of tactical grade systems.

The first choice for enhanced vehicle tracking.

Our team was first to put inertial navigation software on smartphones for vehicle dead reckoning and has been improving the solution for many years since. We have experience or knowledge of nearly every GNSS receiver and MEMS sensor available!


Easy to integrate and update.

Flexibility so you can optimize your system hardware. You choose the architecture including processor, operating system, GNSS and sensors. We make the inertial dead reckoning software work for your architecture.

Our software runs on Android, RTOS, Linux or bare metal embedded platforms and can be upgraded in the field.

Vast array of additional features.

  • Automatic calibration occurs from normal driving behavior.
  • No special driving calibration patterns required.
  • Can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Can hot start in GNSS-denied environments.
  • Rotates accelerometers to vehicle frame for vehicle safety/monitoring applications.

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