Lane level positioning in GNSS challenged environments.

AUTO provides lane-level positioning in urban environments by tightly fusing inertial and perception sensor inputs. Even in challenging situations (e.g. tunnels or poor visibility), our solution has decimeter-level accuracy and high-rate position updates to enable reliable control of land-based platforms.

Our system is always-on, and even our back-up has a back-up.

Safety and data integrity are our priority, which is why we have designed a system that integrates positioning data from multiple sources.

If GNSS, cameras or lidar sensors fail due to signal outages, weather conditions or poor visibility, our INS and radar positioning technology is always-on in the background to maintain lane level accuracy.


Commercially viable using low-cost sensors.

Reduced solution costs make high-volume implementation feasible. The AUTO software integrates existing automotive-grade MEMS IMU’s, radar and GNSS to create an affordable high-performance all-weather solution.

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