RIDE - Accurate Scooter and Bike Tracking


Whether enhancing navigation through tunnels or other GPS-challenged areas or precise lane-accurate positioning for driving automation, we can provide the accuracy the industry expects.

Embedded in tens of millions of devices and vehicles worldwide, TRACK delivers accuracy comparable to tactical grade systems using low-cost consumer grade hardware.

With more precise lane-accurate positioning, AUTO makes driving automation a reality. Safety and data integrity are our priority. Our system is always-on and even our back-up has a back-up!


The rapid adoption of eScooters and dockless eBikes has resulted in challenges for citizens, cities and service providers that could be improved with continuous and accurate tracking of these vehicles. With RIDE, users can drop off the eScooters or eBikes in an appropriate location and orientation, and providers can be notified of erratic driving, crashes, improper docking, and unauthorized removal.



Autonomous robots must be able to read and react to any environment if tasked with making outdoor deliveries. AUTO provides decimeter-level accuracy even in challenging situations for vision systems, such as tunnels or weather conditions causing poor visibility. Low solution cost enables AUTO to serve high-volume implementation.


Improve equipment tracking, build process monitoring and worker safety with our VENUE solution. Knowing where equipment and machines are located can streamline efficiency, saving time and money by streamlining the dispatching of personnel. Keeping track of the build process and geotagging images of interim phases is critical for quality assurance. Knowing where people are relative to the changing environment is critical to improve worker safety.


Manufacturing & Warehouse Logistics

Facility safety and efficiency can be taken to the next level with VENUE. With our technology, facilities can not only track their assets and equipment, but also understand the movement of these assets through the facility. Through the evaluation of the traffic patterns of assets, machines, and people, facilities can optimize their indoor supply chain and identify safety concerns or violations of danger zones around equipment instantaneously.


Did you know that hospitals typically purchase up to 35% more supplies than necessary because they do not have real-time location information of their assets? With VENUE , initial purchases can be reduced, and staff can locate critical equipment and specialists more quickly, which could improve medical outcomes. More efficient tracking of patients throughout the hospital or ward can reduce intake time and contact tracing of patients and staff can help the hospital monitor and act when necessary. Avoid expensive capital and maintenance costs with a cost-effective solution.


Smart Office

Indoor positioning can maximize the utilization and management of office spaces. The tracking of assets, employees and visitors can simplify internal processes and provide cost savings to the organization as whole. With our VENUE solution, employees can easily find their colleagues at their hot desk and organizations can analyze heat maps of workplaces, conference rooms and people flows to create efficiencies.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Our VENUE solution has been doing contact tracing between people and dangerous situations since its inception (e.g. human/machine interaction), but only recently have other humans been deemed dangerous. VENUE provides real-time indoor contact tracing for primary and area-based contacts and allows the dashboard user full control over distance, contact time and area definitions. VENUE contact tracing is designed specifically for private indoor use and allows you to more confidently operate your business knowing where people are located with respect to dangerous situations.


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