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TDK Trusted Positioning’s VENUE: Resolving Top 5 Asset Management Challenges in Manufacturing

In the realm of manufacturing, efficient asset management is critical for operational success and profitability. TDK Trusted Positioning’s VENUE system offers a cutting-edge solution to the most pressing asset management challenges faced by manufacturers today. Let’s explore how VENUE can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.  1. Addressing Lost Assets  In large […]

VENUE Indoor Positioning Technology: A Comprehensive FAQ 

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, where efficiency, safety, and resource management are critical, large indoor spaces like factories, warehouses, hospitals, office buildings, and construction sites demand innovative solutions. To tackle these challenges head-on, TKD’s VENUE indoor positioning has emerged as a transformative solution. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies […]

Making Sense of Sensor Fusion for Positioning

The Key to Accurate and Reliable Location Information In today’s technology-driven world, accurate and reliable positioning information has become indispensable for numerous applications, ranging from navigation systems to augmented reality experiences. However, achieving pinpoint accuracy in location-based services is no easy feat, especially considering the diverse environments and conditions in which these systems operate. Relying […]

Collaboration Between Indoor Positioning Solution VENUE® and Latest in Robotics Sparks New Possibilities

TDK’s indoor positioning solution VENUE® can accurately track people and objects in indoor environments where GPS/GNSS*1 signals are unavailable. By collaborating with the latest technologies that allow service robots to traverse office buildings, hospitals, and warehouses, VENUE® has great potential to dramatically raise the efficiency of managing people and objects, alleviate labor shortages, and boost productivity. Read […]

The Quarantined Workforce: How to Mitigate the Biggest Threat to Business in 2021 

Hundreds of millions of people have experienced quarantine and work disruption over the past year, and the rapid spread of the coronavirus is overwhelming the capacity of public health agencies to conduct traditional contact tracing. Without accurate contact tracing, it can be difficult for employers to identify possible close contacts. Employers may under or over-estimate […]