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RIDE: Accurate Positioning, Orientation, and Rider Dynamics for Micromobility

Welcome to RIDE, the innovative solution for Micromobility Ride-Share service providers. RIDE offers accurate and effective positioning technology, empowering service providers to reduce costs, manage cash flow, and enhance user safety and experience. Let’s explore the frequently asked questions to understand how RIDE works and why it is the preferred choice for Micromobility providers.

1. What is RIDE, and how does it achieve accurate positioning for 2-wheeled platforms?

RIDE is an advanced software positioning solution that integrates inertial sensors and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) inputs to obtain accurate positions, orientations, and rider dynamics for 2-wheeled platforms. This integration allows RIDE to deliver precise location information, regardless of location, essential for optimizing Micromobility Ride-Share operations.

2. How does RIDE use inertial sensors to detect driver dynamics and rough usage?

RIDE’s use of low-cost MEMS inertial sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, are always-on and low-power. These sensors play a vital role in detecting driver dynamics, rough usage, and other behaviours like swerving or abrupt maneuvers. By monitoring these dynamics, RIDE enables service providers to promote safety and protect their fleet from misuse.

3. How does RIDE handle drop-off position detection and improve service coverage?

With the help of inertial sensors, RIDE can accurately determine drop-off positions through dead reckoning techniques, without relying solely on GNSS updates. This feature ensures accurate tracking even in indoor or covered areas, improving overall service coverage and user experience.

4. How does RIDE contribute to power saving and authorized usage?

RIDE optimizes power consumption by activating GNSS only when significant movement is detected, ensuring GNSS usage remains off when not in use.  This power-saving approach extends the battery life of eScooters and eBikes, reducing operational costs for service providers.

5. Can RIDE detect unauthorized vehicle removal or fall incidents?

Yes, RIDE’s integrated inertial sensors play a crucial role in detecting unauthorized vehicle removal, whether the person is on foot or in a car. Additionally, the sensors enable fall detection, alerting service providers to potential accidents and ensuring timely assistance to riders in need.

6. How does RIDE’s optional Pay-for-use SaaS Model benefit service providers?

RIDE’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model aligns perfectly with the rental-based revenue model of Micromobility providers. Service providers only pay for software license fees when the eScooter or eBike is in use, optimizing cash flow and reducing upfront capital expenditures.

7. How does RIDE enforce proper parking orientation and compliance with regulations?

RIDE ensures user rental sessions do not end until the eScooters or eBikes are appropriately parked in the right orientation, addressing the issue of careless parking that can obstruct pedestrian paths and cause unsafe conditions. This proactive and accurate approach helps service providers comply with changing government regulations related to Micromobility.

8. How are RIDE’s Inertial algorithms adapted for 2-wheel dynamics?

RIDE’s Inertial Navigation System (INS) algorithms are specially tuned and adapted to account for the unique dynamics of 2-wheeled platforms. This fine-tuning enables RIDE to provide accurate and reliable position and orientation estimates, even in challenging urban environments with various movements and road conditions.

9. Is RIDE suitable for all types of Micromobility Ride-Share vehicles?

Absolutely! RIDE’s integration of inertial sensors and GNSS inputs makes it suitable for various types of Micromobility Ride-Share vehicles, including eScooters and eBikes. The technology is designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by 2-wheeled platforms, enhancing their efficiency, safety, and user experience.

10. How can Micromobility service providers implement RIDE for their fleet?

Implementing RIDE for your Micromobility fleet is straightforward. It simply runs on the existing platform MCU as long as an IMU sensor is available.  Contact Trusted Positioning for more information, integration options, and technical support. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and effective implementation of RIDE for your Micromobility Ride-Share service.

In conclusion, RIDE offers a powerful and comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by Micromobility service providers. By providing accurate positioning, orientation, and rider dynamics, RIDE optimizes operations, enhances safety, and improves the user experience, making it the preferred choice for those seeking to build a profitable and successful Micromobility Ride-Share business.

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