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RIDE: Accurate Positioning, Orientation, and Rider Dynamics for Micromobility

Welcome to RIDE, the innovative solution for Micromobility Ride-Share service providers. RIDE offers accurate and effective positioning technology, empowering service providers to reduce costs, manage cash flow, and enhance user safety and experience. Let’s explore the frequently asked questions to understand how RIDE works and why it is the preferred choice for Micromobility providers. 1. […]

Making Sense of Sensor Fusion for Positioning

The Key to Accurate and Reliable Location Information In today’s technology-driven world, accurate and reliable positioning information has become indispensable for numerous applications, ranging from navigation systems to augmented reality experiences. However, achieving pinpoint accuracy in location-based services is no easy feat, especially considering the diverse environments and conditions in which these systems operate. Relying […]

The Pitfalls of GPS – Inertial Navigation Optimizes GNSS Location Systems

Location technology is finding its way into more and more applications, including IoT and autonomous platforms. But global navigation satellite systems are not enough. They do not achieve the real-time requirement or the positional accuracy necessary for telematics and autonomous driving. With the pure GNSS location system (Global Navigation Satellite System), there are a variety […]

Integrity Monitoring for Positioning  Autonomous Vehicles & Robots

Autonomous vehicles and robots are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, from food delivery robots navigating residential sidewalks to self-driving cars navigating highways. However, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the positioning information used in these applications is critical to autonomous or semi-autonomous applications. It involves knowing when to teleoperate a machine in the […]

Integrity Monitoring and Uncertainty Estimation with AUTO’s Non-linear Integration of Multiple Imaging Radars and INS/GNSS for Autonomous Vehicles and Robots

Solving the localization problem is a key requirement to enabling the development of autonomous platforms. In the field of autonomous driving, the localization problem imposes two criteria on the navigation solution: solution accuracy and solution reliability or integrity. Integrity monitoring describes the solution trustworthiness and is critical to ensuring safety. A conventional approach in urban […]

Multiple Imaging Radars Integrate with INS/GNSS via AUTO Software Reliable and Accurate Positioning for Autonomous Vehicles and Robots

Difficult GNSS environments and adverse weather conditions require a fusion of many sensors to maintain lane-level accuracy for autonomous platforms, without incurring high costs that would inhibit widespread adoption. Radars are an attractive option in a multi-sensor integration scheme due to being robust to adverse weather and insensitive to lighting variations. The multi-radar integrated version […]

The Quarantined Workforce: How to Mitigate the Biggest Threat to Business in 2021 

Hundreds of millions of people have experienced quarantine and work disruption over the past year, and the rapid spread of the coronavirus is overwhelming the capacity of public health agencies to conduct traditional contact tracing. Without accurate contact tracing, it can be difficult for employers to identify possible close contacts. Employers may under or over-estimate […]